Dolls are a great way for kids to play and have fun at the same time. All children enjoy and learn from gentle, nurturing play that teaches empathy and fosters a sense of caring - be it themselves or towards others.  

Dolls are definitely a great way for kids to play and roll play at the same time.  Science has brought to light new evidence that doll play activates brain regions that allow children to develop empathy and social information processing skills, even when playing by themselves. Some of the other benefits of playing with dolls are encourages imagination, develops gross motor skills, helps with social development and communication, and provides a sense of belonging.

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Nana Huchy Sebastian Doll




Sebastian talks in a whisper. Even when he shouts, it comes out as a whisper. It's just the way he rolls.

It's just the way he rolls. A keen magician, Sebastian is just the most gentle, calming presence- plus one of the coolest cats around. Intelligent and self-assured, Sebastian also has a full-proof poker face.

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Say hello to Pip! Your baby’s first baby and lifelong friend with the perfect amount of squish for cuddles and play. Pip is a beautiful gift for newborn babies or would make a beautiful addition to your Dinkum Doll family for older kids too.

Check out the features of this product:

  • Dozy Dinkums can be posed in multiple sleeping positions with their head, arms and legs joined to their body by an interior fabric tape
  • Bodies are made from cotton
  • Interior fill contains polyester fibers and plastic pellets
  • Dozy Dinkums wear a non-removable cotton onesie with an embroidered rainbow on heart area
  • Face features embroidered eyes and mouth with an oval shape nose
  • Small tuft of hair is made from polyester
  • Suitable for ages 0+

Get your cart ready by clicking here. Trust us, you are going to love products like this which come with great designs and good quality for your little one’s to enjoy

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