Wish to have some inspiration for your upcoming nursery? Well, one can opt for classic colour schemes like blue and pink or the monochrome grayscale aesthetic shades. We must say, having wardrobes with these shades seems to be bit outdated. Today lets talk about keeping the little one’s new room beautiful and current with trending colours for nurseries in 2022. 

There's something for everyone here as parents - it is not only the colours in clothes that need careful attention, but also things like rooms and their areas too! So read on to find out more  information.

Choosing a right shade of colour is very important because little ones spend so much time in their rooms either sleeping or playing. Its certainly been a year of adjustments for all of us trying to adjust to this new normal, and we would hope our interiors reflect this with feelings of hope and positivity, while reflecting our personal tastes and needs. 

As we feel more nostalgic about a pre-pandemic era and lifestyle we seem to be gravitating more towards items that have meaning and character. From Vintage rugs to nursery prints, expect to see more of a vintage influence in the baby’s nursery.

Here are some colour shades to consider.

Very Peri

A very popular colour of the year for 2022. This gorgeous periwinkle blue tows the line between blue and violet perfectly for a unique shade blend onto the room walls.

Vintage Orange

Nurseries have been having a new take on oranges since some time now. Rather than the bright orange or blood orange of years past, this year it's all about vintage orange - like from the 60’s and 70’s.

Jewel Tones

Some parents are skipping the light beiges and delicate grays of the past and going for rich colours choices. Jewel tones feature shades such as emerald, sapphire and ruby.

One of the biggest nursery trends is shades of green, from gray greens to emerald greens we are bringing the outside in and not just on walls but also on nursery décor and furniture. For pastel greens opt for shades that look muted and soft. A great way to incorporate this colour is with patterns of greenery like leaves, grass, ivy or anything naturalistic.

Like colourful clothes, colour in  rooms can also make a good impression for your little ones.

Before we end, some final words…

Likewise each baby is unique, so are the little one’s needs too!

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