How many times have you noticed your little ones swinging their feet and all of sudden one of their socks comes flying off! 

It's also common for babies to remove their own socks but, despite it being perfectly normal and natural, it can be frustrating for us, as parents who just want their toddlers to have warm, clean feet!

If you are one of those parents tired of looking for that missing baby sock, here are a few helpful tips to help keeping them keep their socks on.

The "Pants-Over" trick

Most baby pants are made of stretchy material, allowing the legs to slide over the cuff of the socks. Parents can help hold this in place even while the baby is moving around. Socks over pants trick works to not only hold the socks on, allowing your baby to move around comfortably and stay warm.

Shoes/Booties for the little legs

Baby shoes keep your baby's socks on and intact. Once they wear shoes, it will be difficult for them to pull their socks off, so you can also get booties that tie securely enough or shoes with velcro, that your baby cannot remove. 

Always get the right fit for their feet, so it does not make them uncomfortable.

Footies/Footed Pants

These are definitely an alternative to socks - footies are one-piece clothing that have the toddler’s feet in them. Perfect for cold weather and for better warmth, you can actually put socks on your baby under the footies and they won't come off.


Gowns or sleep sacks that gather at the bottom will help keep your baby's feet warm as well as protect their socks from coming off. Gowns can also be referred to as the one’s our customers usually shop wraps and blankets from our online store.

As babies grow, they begin to explore new things and playing with things is their rightful habit. 

Pro tip!

If you find your baby is grabbing at their socks frequently, it could just be boredom that is easily resolved by providing a favorite toy or spending time bonding.

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