Baby bedding has become very creative and luxurious. One of the most exciting things you will do as a first time Mum is plan and set up your Babys nursery that looks stylish and is comfortable for your newborn.. There are many options such as style, colour, pattern and price and it’s easy for new parents to become overwhelmed by all the choices.

During the first year of your baby’s life, a lot of mental, physical and emotional changes will be happening constantly. Today we discuss the do’s and don’ts of baby bedding - tips to help you better in your everyday routine.


Sleeping is one of those things that a baby excels in and it is a fact that small babies grow while they sleep. These are essential parameters to be considered while choosing baby bedding:

Choose a nice and firm mattress

We may think a cushy mattress would be ideal for a baby because babies come with soft bones that are yet to develop so firm mattresses help them get a better support and necessary comfort.

Use natural breathable materials

Babies are not capable of regulating their body temperatures and thus it is easy for them to feel the ambient heat and get irritated very easily. 

Tight fitting sheets

Apart from the firm mattress, you also need to use bed sheets that firmly grasp the mattress because they shift positions during sleep.



A good idea is not to have blankets in the baby’s crib. As recommended babies should sleep alone in their cot with no blankets or pillows until at least 12 months of age. Bedding such as thick blankets, quilts and pillows can obstruct a babies nose and mouth leading to unintentional sleep-related suffocation and can increase the risk of SIDS.

Pillows & too many stuffed animals

Although they make the crib look adorable and cute, they pose the same danger to the baby as the blankets do

Too much clothing

When putting the baby to sleep, dress baby using layers as you would dress or use layers yourself to be comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold.

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Pro tip!

While there is an abundance of sleep-related accessories in the market for the baby. It is in the best interest of the baby to have the simplest of sleeping arrangements.

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