What are these little forms of napkins called bibs?

Let’s start on a jovial note here, if you are still new to this term, this is to simplify the term for you. A bib is basically a piece of cloth or a napkin made of any material that a baby wears around its neck to avoid their clothes getting messy while eating. A trendy Fashion accessory for kids- no not all all, but an important one for all day long!

And when is it right for babies to start wearing bibs for meal times?

Well, babies can start wearing bibs from the day they turn 1-2 weeks. Bottle-feeding babies start even before 1 week to keep them dry. Bibs are one of the most essential items and parents should buy some bibs in advance for their baby.

More questions arising to parents and we are happy to answer them all. Here goes…

How long will parents need bibs for their little ones?

Usually, this depends from baby to baby but normally on most times, you will need newborn baby bibs from the day your baby is born till 2 years until they start eating properly without trying to drop anything on themselves. 

Ideal count of bibs to keep at home?

Who says no to a cute colourful bib for your toddler. But, yes the answer to this also depends on your baby. Every baby is different in terms of habits and learning how to eat and grasp it accordingly. Choose to buy bibs depending upon several factors like:

  • Whether your baby is a drooler or not?
  • If your baby’s teeth have started growing

Most parents require many bibs while some may require only a few. But as experts in these matters, we always say it is good to start buying a few for your newborn baby and see if your baby is a drooler or a messy eater. Depending on this, you will be able to judge the situation correctly then.

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Before we end, some final words…

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